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St Michael's Priory Church, Ewenny

“The most atmospheric Romanesque space in Wales”

T.J.Hughes, Wales’s Best One Hundred Churches.


in the Priory Church our principle service is 

 9:30am every Sunday. 


The Church is also open during the week from around 10am-4pm for people to come to pray or look around.


Our services are liturgical, which means there follow a set format each week with a consistent rhythm of prayers, sayings, and responses. We will usually celebration the Eucharist which is a reenactment of the last meal Jesus shared with his friends. We sing hymns and receive teaching in the form of a sermon. The service lasts just over an hour and is followed by refreshments at the back of the church.

On a normal Sunday there will usually be between 20-30 people present. The service here tends to be a more conservative and reflective, and the congregation takes great effort to look out for those who make their home here. 


It is not practical to offer every possible provision all of the time due to the size of our church but please do speak to us and we will  do our best to accommodate your needs in any way we can.


Hearing: There is a hearing loop available in the church. The vicar often forgets to wear the microphone, so if you want to use it then it is recommended you speak to a warden before the service starts (ask someone who looks like they know what they are doing to point you to the warden) 

       Visual: We do have a limited number of large print service books. Please ask at the door. We don't currently have large print hymn books but if that would help then please speak to us and we will see what we can do. If the service book is not large enough or you need another provision again speak to us and we will see what we can do.

Mobility: Apart from the grave yard, all parts of the church which are open to the public are fully accessible. There is parking right outside the church and a well maintained flat path from the church gate right up to the communion rail inside at the front of the church. There is also a disabled toilet available (please note this is locked throughout the week). The Monastic section of the church is also easily accessible via a gentle ramp leading up to that section.


If you require alcohol free wine or have other needs please let us know ahead of time so we can try to accommodate you in any way we can

Our gluten free bread contains "Water and Starch. Product content is below the FSA Gluten Free criteria and does not exceed 20ppm" according to the manufactures.


Ewenny Priory is the most complete and impressive Norman church in South Wales and one of the finest examples of a fortified church building in Europe. It was completed by 1126; in 1141 it became a Priory of the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter, Gloucester.

The nave of the Priory, with its rounded arches and thick pillars, is in use as the parish church. The Pulpitum Screen, dividing the two parts of the church, is the work of Alexander Beleschenko, and was installed in July 2006. The eastern or monastic end contains the tombs of the de Londres family, a medieval altar and a reproduction of the watercolour of the Priory painted by J.P.W. Turner in 1795. Much of the Priory’s outer defensive walls and towers remain. Not only did they protect the Priory, but played a part in the Norman subjection of South Wales.


Ewenny Priory, Abbey Rd, Ewenny, Bridgend, CF35 5BW

Please do not send post to this address it will not be received!

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