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About St Bridget's Church


in St Bridget's church our principle service is 

 11am every Sunday. 


The Church is also open during the week from around 10am-4pm for people to come to pray or look around.


Our services are liturgical, which means there follow a set format each week with a consistent rhythm of prayers, sayings, and responses. We will usually celebration the Eucharist which is a reenactment of the last meal Jesus shared with his friends. We sing hymns and receive teaching in the form of a sermon. The service lasts just over an hour and is followed by refreshments at the back of the church. The congregation here usually ranges from 25-35 people. it is a very friendly church, relaxed.


It is a delight to have children with us and the congregation is always pleased to have them. In St Bridget's church we have a carpeted section for children to play during the service. As often as we are able we will have someone in the back section of the church who will do some light teaching and activities with them.


It is not practical to offer every possible provision due to the size of our church but please do speak to us and we will  do our best to accommodate your needs in any way we can.


Hearing: There is a hearing loop available in the church. The vicar often forgets to wear the microphone, so if you want to use it then it is recommended you speak to a warden before the service starts (ask someone who knows what they are doing to point you to the warden) 

       Visual: We do have a limited number of large print service books. Please ask at the door. We don't currently have large print hymn books but if that would help then please speak to us and we will see what we can do. If the service book is not large enough or you need another provision again speak to us and we will see what we can do.

Mobility: St Bridgets Church is on top of a hill. The main Path is very steep and is not ideal for wheelchairs or people with difficultly walking. However there is another entrance if you follow the road right when you come of the main road which will lead you up to the side of the church which is a much shallower slope. it will not be possible to park there but it can be used to drop people off. The main door into the church does have a number of stairs and an ancient uneven surface so we would urge you to use the tower entrance. This may be locked, so please ask someone to open it if needed (it would let all the heat out if we left it open for everyone to used it!)  

All Saints on the other hand is idea for those with disabilities, there is parking on the grass out side the church and a gentle ramp into the building which is then completely flat inside.


If you require gluten free bread at communion please let us know at the start of the service, during a hymn, or during the peace. If you are not sure who to speak to then ask someone who looks like they know what there doing to point you to one of the wardens and let them.

Our gluten free bread contains "Water and Starch. Product content is below the FSA Gluten Free criteria and does not exceed 20ppm" according to the manufactures.

If you require alcohol free wine or have other needs please let us know ahead of time so we can try to accommodate you in any way we can


The Norman origins of St Bridget’s Church are seen in the round-headed chancel arch. The church was rebuilt in the 14th century and heavily restored in 1851. Of particular interest are the monuments in the chancel to the Butler and Wyndham families. A 13th century incised slab shows Sir John le Botiler in full armour; a 16th century tomb-chest of John and Jane Butler has the couple lying recumbent, he in armour, with their children as ‘weepers’ shown on the side.


 Lon-Yr-Eglwys, St Brides Major, Bridgend, CF32 0SH 

Please do not send post to this address it will not be received!

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